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Social Media was just starting when I was in High School. There was no “snap chat” & Facebook was just taking ground after having a “MySpace” account. Texting was just starting to take form. And if you did have it. You were probably on a plan where you sent 250 messages a MONTH. To be honest I could probably do that in one day depending on my mindset and mood towards people. Not to mention if you did text someone there was no “k” or a “♥️”. You sent a TEXT. Maxing the characters out with R U etc. – if you didn’t text. You had yahoo or MNS messenger. I am not against social media. I use it that’s for sure – I mean you are reading this after clicking it on Facebook. But to what point do we get that all we see of things is on social media.

Instagram is a big one with what’s real and what’s not. I struggled with this. We see a picture and instantly think why am I not there. I want what they have. Even though the persons message is beyond the photo. They tell you how they got there. They’ve showed pictures from years ago. And it’s not just fitness going on but that’s where I notice it the most. I’ve been that person who’s posted personal goals AND growth and change on social media. I got massively ridiculed from it as well. Took me awhile but I did learn something from that. But even now when I post things on FB or to IG heck even to my Snapchat. You’re getting the real me. The raw unedited (even here I am not perfect because for the love of autocorrect. Things still are not grammatically correct). Rarely do I add filters. What you see is what you get in real life. Sometimes I’m more mouthy or depending if I’m excited or equally ticked my southern “hick” accent my farm boy loves comes out. If you’re my closest friends – then y’all know exactly what I’m saying.

Last night I posted a photo of myself after work headed out to the barn for some one on one lessons with Lena. I’ve bet myself up plenty not working out the way I should to have the toned legs I love. But I caught a glimpse of what others see. I wear many faces. Business during the day to my scuffed up boots & jeans at night. I barely put makeup on. And when I do – I must say I clean up nicely.

I guess where I’m going is. Don’t let the lies of others “perfect” posts on social media steer you away from your own life. You have no clue what’s hiding in their lives. So often I see people taking to FB to rant. They’re not name calling people but they make a point for that person to see it. Small town gossip sure doesn’t help that either. What happened to being supportive. When your neighbor needed a hand you went. You didn’t wait til they were struggling.

Social Media has trained us to compare our lives , instead of appreciating everything we are. No person is perfect – don’t let what the post says be the soul reflection of them; good or bad. Remember it’s easier to hide behind a post than it is to in real life. Don’t use social media to impress people; use it to impact them … sometimes we need to disconnect in order to reconnect with what’s important.

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