Chronicles of a Farmers Wife … “Yes” or “No”

I say it plenty to the kiddos. No you can’t have a brownie for breakfast. No you can’t just watch the iPad. No you have to take a bath. But is my no’s only broken records to the kids. Where I should be saying more yes’s too and telling everyone else a little more no?!

The biggest thing for me when saying no is how I feel or how I think that person will feel if I say so no to them. We have to learn the art of saying no without feeling guilty. Setting those boundaries are healthy and often times required. We have to learn to respect ourselves, learning to take care of ourselves before others can follow suit. I’m a big people pleaser. I want to take care of and be there for everyone else. Often times putting myself down without even thinking about it. I want to watch others succeed- boasting their own confidence or helping them through life decisions but are they being supportive back? Or are they using me to better themselves? All because I’m afraid to say “no”.

Thema Davis says it best “Saying YES to happiness means learning to say No to the things and people that stress you out.” This is so so true. And not just in daily life – but relationships too. It took me so long to tell certain people “no” in my life. I’m still working on it better with others. But a creature of habit doesn’t change with one sunset. By telling others No it also tells them you have limits & you won’t be just pushed over.

This week I’m going to work more on saying “no” when appropriate and more “yes’s” to those who matter the most! ♥️

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