Chronicles of a Farmers Wife … ‘tis the Season

The Mid–West seemed to of skipped spring and went from being freezing cold to summer temps pretty much over night. The farmers have finally been able to get out into their fields. Kicking up dust and planting seed like a man on a mission. Lord knows my own farmer boys been hot n heavy making the most of the sunshine and warmer temps the last week. But with that goes the saying “this a season for that”. It’s never hit more true to home for me than this afternoon and more so “God’s Will”. It’s been my mantra the last month as I’ve taken a leap of faith inside my career with Jones. His will – His path – with my faith.

God’s will is a funny thing…. I say this. Because I had a “Godly” moment today. Actually several of them to be quite honest. I received a call I’ve been trying to wait patiently for as I continue to go through numerous steps over this month. I got good news and yet still more waiting. I was on Cloud 9. Happy and joyful. But then the Devil was there. Ready to fire. And boy did he. He sent me into a tailspin. And he almost won. But there was God. Reminding me to be faithful. Keep my head and pray. Devil didn’t win today because I did. God did. He rewarded that faith by sending me on path towards a woman I’d never even heard of. Would never have even thought of. She happens to be hosting a Connie Combs clinic that I desperately wanted to attend. I prayed on it. Took a leap of faith & asked her if there was any spots open.. this woman SPOKE TO ME. As if we’d known each other our WHOLE lives. I was an answer to HER prayer. But did she not know. She was an answer to mine. God brings people into our lives for a reason. Just as He removes them.

Proverbs 16:9 says that “People can Plan what they want to do, but it is the Lord who guides their steps”. This couldn’t be more truer. The stepping stones we jump on as a child often seemed easy enough until you tried being cocky jumping two at a time.. and missing. Life is just the same. You can try to take it on all alone. Or let God work and be prosperous.

I am on this path He’s laid upon me .. this calling to share my thoughts. Bare my soul. I have about 50 to 75 random blogs started. But have a hard time hitting “publish” because I’m too worried about the outside negative & back lash I “may” receive. God’s still continuing to push me out of my comfort zone – in so many ways.

I am truly blessed & want to share that…. so watch out as the blogs start rolling off the tips of my fingers.

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