Chronicles of a Farmers Wife … The “What Ifs”

What if what you thought was really just a delay in God’s BIG Plan What if God’s putting you on reserve? That the “best” is yet to come? What if the patience we are taught at a young age is just another test in our faith? Because just watch; it’s going to be worth the wait!

( Isaiah 30:18 … yep go read it!)

The Lord continues to work every day. In the people that touch us daily. To the ones that walk out without even a backward glance. When doubt comes in to play the Devil works to get you off God’s path. However Matthew 21:22 says “If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer”.

So often times I come to the Lord with my “wants” that I don’t ask God of what HE wants me to do. I’ve been slowly changing that. Watching the War Room. And finding my own place of peace. To ask the Lord for someone to help daily. Which is sort of where me pushing out of my comfort zone is to spread my ramblings that the Lord works through me to you. I often doubt myself daily sometimes hourly even. I seek the Lord in all I do. Before I climb onto my horses. I pray for their minds just as I do mine. Before races. I am often seen “talking” to my horse. They’re my therapy. I was told to use Shiloh not just as a “barrel horse” but as my therapy. As I drive into work. It’s my “quiet” time. If there’s not “The Message” on it’s my time with God – without a kiddo there asking what’s for dinner. It’s my little time that I can pray without interruptions. Just don’t close your eyes while driving!

I recently received an amazing blessing. That the Lord has been working on way before I even knew it. But I’d prayed on it… asked for guidance. So often times people on come to God at the last minute. Which I know. God is thankful for them to come to. But why aren’t we going there first?? Why is it that Facebook and SnapChat see it before we bow our heads to Him?

My what ifs turned into whys?!?! Church was brought up the other night at our dinner gathering we had. What makes a good Christian? What if we showed up every Sunday in the “pew” bench but we judged the ones who don’t show up weekly for the sermon but pray and study the word daily? What if instead the judgment were raining out towards people we started praying for them? What if instead of receiving we did more giving? What if instead the family that has it all. Gives some of that back to the ones who don’t?

In today’s society “what if’s” seem to be in the wrong direction – what if I’d done it this way I’d be happier, richer, more established. Why are we bypassing what God’s path is and trying to carve our own??? Let me ask one more “what if” and leave you with that to think on ….

WHAT IF WE brought GOD Back to being first?! In our homes. In our daily lives. And most importantly in our schools?!

Bible Verses to study ✝️💟

  1. Isaiah 30:18

  2. Proverbs 18:10

  3. Isaiah 35:2

  4. Matthew 21:22

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