Chronicles of a Farmers Wife … the start of “Love” February

Hello Love month … as we welcome February, I want to take a moment to reflect and say a huge “thank you” for coming back to read more. I thought I would do something a little different with February. It’s pretty short and as I’ve been a little preoccupied with Jaelyn being admitted into the hospital this week with pneumonia; it’s given me a time to reflect on how thankful and blessed I truly am. I’d had every intention to write something the last few days of value and I think it’s finally come to focus. Watch for that to hit later this weekend.

I’m going to start posting Scripture Writing Plans at the beginning of each month. It’s something that shouldn’t take but a few moments to write out and it’ll get you studying the word. In 2018 coming even closer with God and being more with my family may not seem like “the biggest” goals I have but they are definitely the most important.

February is the “Love” month so how does that take affect on our daily lives? For me February is just another month. Shorter than most but it’s also my mommas birthday and will soon to hold new excitement as my sister has her little girl <aka AUNTIE snuggles await💕>. But February can also put a lot of pressure on everyone. Those that are single, starting relationships and even marriages that have been together for awhile. I’m going to do several follow up blogs with those topics in mind. Most have sat in the draft line up because I just didn’t feel it was “right” yet.

Love has so many meanings and it shouldn’t come down to only being shown one day a year – because it’s “tradition” on 2.14.

1 Corinthians 13:4 reminds us that Love is so much more than red roses and a box of chocolates. Yes those are nice however wouldn’t it be nice to also get random flowers in say July? My personal favorite is when (and it’s very rarely) Jason brings home wild flowers from the fields as he comes in from farming. That means more to me than a dozen red roses shipped into my office.

Remember love takes multiple facets and not just solely one thing to keep it flowing♥️ I hope you continue to come back and read more on my Love ramblings. Have a great day!


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