Chronicles of a Farmers Wife... The Real Farmhouse

I love Pinterest as much as the next woman but I find it remotely annoying that my "FarmHouse" does not ** and lets just be totally honest here.. WILL NEVER EVER** look like those pictures. For one thing .. no sane Country woman is ever going to have white cabinets let alone plain white walls especially in their mudrooms or kitchens.. let alone the Laundry area... and if they do... I wanna know their secrets!!

My kitchen was painted a deep red in 2013 when we bought the house.. it was the one color I would not budge on with FarmerBoy.. I wanted the CASE / Apple RED. I got my way, hehe.. And with those red walls I do not see his greasy fingerprints like I do in say.. the Dinning room as its Whispering Wheat...

In a real farmers wives kitchen... or at least in mine. There are about a half dozen milk bottles and nipples for the random bottle babies I take care of.. there's a designated drawer and spot for Vaccines, Antiboticis and syringes for when we work livestock or heaven forbid an animal get sick. There's four sets of muck boots and another four sets of cowboy boots fallen in lost pairs at the laundry room door.. And where there's boots.. there's sure enough gunna be dirt and stinky poop as well.

My little girl #Farmhouse dreams are a very much reality.. we live in our house.. we have two inside Aussies, and two kids ... and of course my hubs.. so you can only imagine what the house might look like.. and if you've randomly showed up. Yea there might be some dirty dishes I haven't gotten to and piles of clean laundry on the living room couches, but more than that.. there's love inside this house. There's laughter and smiles to yelling and tears. There's times during the peak of hay season we only come in the house to shower, grab a bite to eat and crash in our beds to start the next day.

For those ladies who have a clean FarmHouse.. please feel free to stop on by the HayGirls kitchen and spruce it up... but please do so each week! A girl could use some help -

Hope y'all enjoyed a simple and yet intro into what's going around the Farm or aka the Kitchen tonight.. as I cook tacos. Maybe I'll get some #instapot #crockpot #recipes up next week?! ... But until then make sure to click back for more tomorrow!

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