Chronicles of a Farmers Wife: “thankful Thanksgiving”

As November approaches I’m always shocked or well takes me back a little that people will start the first day of the month with not just a random post but a ”Thankful” Heart post. As in the other ten months leading into the Holidays are just another day to them. The holidays seem to come on even faster each year the older I get. It’s also made me dread them more as well.

Adulting is hard but when your mix in the Holidays, Santa’s - those crazy Shelf Elves - and lets be honest. A whole lot of family gatherings it can take the meaning out of it. The snow started to fall on Halloween this year in our tiny little town. Its been a very long time since we’ve had “SNOW” days and I’m talking 4-10 inch snow days that I grew up with. But it’s made me more in the festive mood for this year. I mean I did put up the Basement tree. It might only have lights on. But that’s big. I always waited until the Day after Thanksgiving. Why? Not real sure. Just because? Tradition? That’s the way my momma did it?

This is the first year of “retirement” from working full time at Jones. And deep down it was the very best decision we made as a family. I get more time with the kids and Jason but it’s also made me realize just how much I had been missing out on the little things. Being home with the kids during the summer months, not having to worry about when the kids were out of school. Because momma was home too. Its definitely had its trying moments. Especially leading into the holidays this year. With me being ”home” in my mind I should have more Christmas spirit. I should have plenty of time to get the trees up, decorations done and get the lights on outside put up.... but let’s be honest. It hasn’t happened yet. I keep trying. Keep bringing it up. Yet deep down. the spirit of Christmas just hasn’t reached my heart yet.

Thanksgiving came later than normal this year, but for me. I’ve been saying a prayer of Thanks for many months now. Thankful for the path God continues to guide me on, thankful for the people God has removed from my life & the ones He continues to place in front of me - Thankful for the opportunity to work the Farm just like I always dreamed of - even when it’s 7 degrees and the Livestock needs fed (and yep. That’s where I’m headed when I’m done hitting publish today!) Thankful for those who keep my dreams and passion alive when I can not - Thankful for family and friends and Hay clients too!

Thank you for taking a walk with the HayGirl this morning! I know it’s been a while 💛

have a wonderful Thanksgiving week 🦃


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