Chronicles of a Farmers Wife... Swappin Over!

Happy Thursday guys!!!

Its been a bit of a crazy week already!!! Between Jason bringing home some more cattle to getting them worked & trying to beat this winter that’s coming in - I’ve been slowly trying to move things over from the original home of #ChroniclesofaFarmersWife blog to the new combined Wieczorek Farms page; so you’re going to start seeing those slowly swap over. Some may be the same exact wording - others will get a bit of editing and adding too. As time fades into 2020 I’m I’m hoped that everything will be in one nice centrally located place!! and the Horses, Hay & Harmony blog will no longer be active status.

As I go back and am editing these I find myself so full. Every one of these posts are straight from the heart, not meant to offend someone else’s feelings but just what I have personally going on. So much has changed over the last year that I can’t wait to share what 2020s got in store!

The kids are getting older, the cattle side of it keeps expanding, I‘m working full time with Jason & my horse path has evolved! We are Expecting almost 20 new babies come spring & for that. I’m truly blessed. What started out as two bucket calves (ooo I feel a story comin on!!!) in 2017 to now the farms pushing 80 head. Shiloh won us our first buckle at MGRA finals this fall and we have even bigger plans for the next season. Is it barrel racing? I’m not sure. My heart sort of has different ideas. But time will tell.

Welp, half of my mornin chores are done - I’ve gotten a little “momma” time in at the barn & now it’s back to the real life!! Gettin kids ready for school & tacklin the projects with Jason.

keep watching for more from the #HayGirl at Wieczorek Farms!

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