Chronicles of a Farmers Wife; Sunday Morning Ramblings ......

Happy Sunday!

As I'm running through some rambling thoughts in my head I thought id just go ahead and sit down with them this morning... I'm patiently waiting the Sunrise that might show up in about another hour... I've done got laundry started, the bags of groceries I failed to put away last night organized for the most part and the dishwasher going.. mainly so I can have my smoothie cup that's dirty in there ... my heart is so full this morning.

yesterday farmer boy and his parents along with the mini cowgirl went to a "Show-Me Select" Replacement Heifer sale.. with no real intention of buying anything. We knew it would be a little out of league but as I was leaving the house, Jason called -- you better bring a check just in case. I brought one. And thankfully I did.. because he turned momma loose.

I was in my element. Knowing sires and dams of these heifers is what makes my heart fly.... I love running Shiloh across the backstretch of a field and checking cattle with my Leo but something about cattle just makes my smile brighter and I think even his parens saw that yesterday.

Growing up around cattle and hogs, I showed them naturally. I took Market Steers to the county fairs each year. They weren't anything fancy like some, they was straight from the feedlot. But it made me happy. I was able to hang with the "Upper" class styles. Mine weren't purebreds but if you learn how to groom them, set them up, show them, and of course FEED them... they will produce you some nice cash at the end.

Needless to say Cattle are my Passion -- Love my ponies, but if worse came to worse, Shiloh could be rehomed, for the right price of course!

I can't wait to take you guys on this journey with us... of the Show-Me select program, along with the MO Cattleman/woman's association. Showing you the insides of how the program works, what makes the Heifers qualify, how we select them & most importantly WHY I chose them..

As that goes along.. there are so many blog drafts that you might be a tad overwhelmed as I hit publish throughout the day. I have several notes I've doodled on the last week that its a bit much even for me... but I am thankful for this. I am truly blessed that Jason supports and backs me. They say when you meet "the ONE" ... even in trials they'll stand behind you.. He may have no clue what these Heifers we brought home mean to me.. It's the start of a new journey. It's a start to something great; I can feel it all the way to my toes... and now I just need some sunlight to take some pictures of these girls for you!

Come along for the ride... and thanks for your alls continued support with the Blog, the new website but mostly ... just taking time to read this! Look for it to hit the podcast later this week as well..

Happy Sunday folks!


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