Chronicles of a Farmers Wife … Stronger than Yesterday

As many of you know I competed last spring in a Bikini Fitness Competition & many of you around me today know I don’t hit the gym regularly nor do I stick to a meal plan that requires me to measure out all my meals by the macros (grams) and then keep dedicated records in MyFitnessPal app. But that also doesn’t mean I’ve gained 50+ pounds and become a couch potato. Well there was one point when I was eating a pint of Ben & Jerry’s practically daily in the afternoon at work in the summer but I also worked and sweated that off after the fact so I found it semi beneficial. The things that use to stress me out I’ve no longer let get me down.

Going from working out daily to feeling lost because I had no goal let alone desire. Nothing seemed the same after the weekend in Liberty. There was a lot of friction so to speak. It took me a while to see what was causing the issues. Which then led me down a different path. One I think I’ll have to discuss with you at a later point. Why it was important for me not to get caught up in the Fitness Hype & instead of being just a lean bean in heels I find myself being so much more than just that. Still love working out and being fit but I am so much more. Mom. Wife. Child of God. And all those things led me here. Hence stronger than yesterday. Bring strong doesn’t mean you gotta have toned legs and ripped abs it means being a strong person. Inside and out.

Stronger than Yesterday means you didn’t give up and call it quits. You still got up the next morning and went on. There’s been many times throughout my life when I thought. “I can’t do this” – “I can’t go on” – but guess what. It was a thought that turned into “I can’t keep LIVING like this – something has to change”. And by change that can mean getting rid of unwanted baggage; ending a friendships/relationships that’s not healthy for you; stepping away from social media or whatever is putting you in that funk to begin with. There’s a quote I’d wrote down a while back – it’s pretty simple. But it packs a powerful punch line.

“I survived because the fire inside of me burned brighter than the flames around me” which is true. When I stopped allowing the flames to consume the outside (blocking the negative BS around me) and started looking towards God and asking for instead that same fire to be placed inside my heart. A whole new light shown. One of my favorite songs that runs through my head so much lately and has really been what fuels so many of this posts is a simple one “Start a fire down in my soul-“. That’s what God has done.

God is working through me. And if you find something I write about offensive – maybe take a step back and look into your own mirror for a bit. I know Who and What strengthens me. There’s another post that will come out later talking about who people “Post” themselves to be. So this post started out about talking on Inner Strengths and learning to lean on God not just in difficult times but every day. The good the bad the ugly the happiness the tears the anger but mostly the Good. So often I hear someone that says “God will only Give me what I can handle right?” I WAS one of those people .. but in the last year I’ve swapped that mindset and started to remind others (align with myself) that God gives me what I need – he’s not punishing me. He’s making a point. I NEED Him. He wants me to COME to Him in all things. Not just when it gets scary and overwhelming.

The one verse that was with me the whole time during my competition & prep was Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through CHRIST who strengthens me”.

A lot to chew & I pray leaves you thinking about what gives you strength & fuels your day? How do you keep pushing forward when you feel like giving up; hit your knees and pray. Drawl God in and let Him be your guide. And if you received nothing out of this remember that Sometimes we are tested – Not to show our weaknesses but to discover our strengths.

Have a blessed day !


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