Chronicles of a Farmers wife … Stay Humble

It’s taken me almost 24 hours to sit down and be able to put all my random thoughts into this one… some of you got tidbits of insight into it yesterday as I was driving down the road headed to a Barrel Race. Others were aside me as I was dealing with a bratty colt. It’s a strong reminder to be humble & kind. But in today’s world. Why is it. That kindness has gone away? Why aren’t our children being taught to say “Thank you mam”. Has our generation fallen into such a rut of their phones that a text can say more than what comes out of their mouth at the dinner table?

“Humbled” that’s what hit me yesterday hard. Like a sack of bricks. So hard I had to voice record all my thoughts because I couldn’t get them typed out driving Bertha Bus with a horse trailer down 36. Ephesians 4: 2-3 says “Be Patient – Be Gentle – Be Humble – Be Love”

Stay humble – so often we take life for granted. Until something significant happens to remind us that our time here on Earth is can be cut very short. When our work here is done and God calls us home. However that isn’t always how it’s taken. We curse God. We’re angry. We don’t understand His reasons. But it also makes us realize what we do have. Why aren’t we staying Humble in our day to day lives?

It was a reminder as I headed out after farmer boy checked the truck and trailer – helped me get Leo and Shiloh loaded up. Heck he even made me a PB Sandwich. Knowing since I was going alone I probably wouldn’t go eat at the concessions. I had no plans to even go yesterday. When I left Saturday I was truly pleased and excited at how far and Shiloh I had come that week. Knowing until we start cutting hay. We’re being even more “penny pinchers”. But that’s what MY barrel racer friends are for. To win money the day before to spot you – they’re there when you’re bratty 2 yr old colt got spooked at something and was being a force of toddler nature for me. That gentle & kind hands goes along way when I lose my patience. Sort of like it does when the kids push my buttons.

It’s not about winning the pot of cash at the end of the day for me. Heck yes it’s gunna be real sweet when Shi and I hit that day. But for now. It’s all about remembering the bows and whys and The Who’s that are helping me get to that point.

Being Humble is so much more than remembering where you come from. It’s not about the fancy rigs. It’s not about the belt buckles and trophy saddles. It’s not about having a $10,000 seasoned pro horse that all you do is hold on and pray you don’t fall off. It’s about the memories, the laughs, the excitement of fixing a first barrel pocket but then screwing up going into third.

It’s giving back to the kids who wanna ride but they’re parents aren’t ready to buy them one. It’s so much more. God truly is working and using my horses to better myself. To spread my word. And to stay humble & kind – gentle & patient.

Thank you to all who’s helping me succeed at my dreams 🏇🏼🛢♥️

Bible Scriptures to Study 📖

  1. Ephesians 4:2-3

  2. James 1:19

  3. Hosea 6:6

  4. James 4:10

  5. Micah 6:8

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