Chronicles of a Farmers Wife … running fearlessly

Are you running fearful or fearless? Do you find yourself setting down and thinking “I can’t do this”? What is holding you back? Is it the simple fact it’s something you’ve never done – is it out of your comfort zone – or is it something you’ve tried and failed at before or even numerous times and now afraid you’ll never conquer it? Or is it someone telling you you’ll never get there or having the right support system backing you up? Setting goals & making a board on Pinterest is a great start; unless you are like many and it just sits there in cyber space. You keep adding to it. But you never are able to check some of it off.

Like so many I am afraid of failure. I have high expectations of myself – I set goals and want to achieve them. Then get frustrated with myself within a week (or less) if I can’t keep those in focus. Last year I set a goal and accomplished it. I stepped on stage in a itty bitty red sparkly bikini & killer heels. And felt AMAZING until I got off the stage and went back home to the real world.

I looked great & worked extremely hard for that body of muscle. It took me over a year to get to that point (we’ll see how it goes but maybe I’ll open a blog page up on my Bikini Journey). It’s funny when you set back and look at goals. Majority of them will not happen in a 5 day grace period. Many take months and often times years to accomplish. So why do we find ourselves dropping a goal we set out for in the first few weeks of January? I know for me it’s due to the fact of the world we live in today.

It’s the simple fact I have no patience what so ever & that I expect things to happen in seconds. I KNOW it takes work. I KNOW it takes HARD LONG HOURS OF PRACTICE of no matter what you’re wanting to achieve. Cleaner house. Unless you burn everything and practically start from scratch it’s going to take more than one weekend to get it organized & uncluttered and then on top of that to deep clean it it’s probably going to take you a while. Especially if you get interrupted numerous times. Unless you’re already fit & in shape – You aren’t going to just drop those 20# you gained during winter (4+ months) in 4 days. No matter what that 2am tv promo guarantees. You aren’t going to be able to advance in your career unless you dedicate to learning & putting in the effort it takes to do so. Unless you’ve ridden 1D horses all your life – you aren’t going to instantly go from a Western Pleasure class to a 14 second barrel pattern. Well you might if all you do is hold on for dear life as the horse KNOWS it’s job – but guess what. That horse is probably every bit of 10 years old or more and has TRAINED daily to be a handy horse who KNOWS it’s job. (Those are my goals PS so don’t feel threatened if they don’t match yours. They’re not supposed to remember).

One of my favorite quotes is setting a fire deep inside your soul. Find something that makes it burn bright. But here’s the catch – DO NOT let that fire turn to ashes and sit there. Because each time you do it’s going to be harder and harder to relight that fire. THATS the Devil coming and stealing those hopes and dreams. Take a few deep breaths. Study His word. Give Him your anxiety or worries. Turn to Him with your fears and let Him help guide you along the way. I’m very guilty of not trusting Him. Instead I turn into my own head and that’s when I let the anxiety and near panic attacks happen. When I give those things to the Lord. That’s when I feel the weight lifted off because I know He can handle it.

  1. Isaiah 41:10 “Do not fear, for I am with you”.

  2. Psalm 118:6 “The Lord is on MY side; I will not fear“.

So for today – write down those goals AGAIN and decide which ones are the most important ones. Pray on them. And do so with an open heart – run fearlessly with God by your side. Do not be fearful of what is to come. Do not fear failure. Failure only occurs when you stop trying.

Fear can have two meanings:

  1. Forget Everything and Run

  2. Face Everything and Rise

The choice is yours … what will you decide?

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