Chronicles of a Farmers Wife … Moving Mountains ⛰

Every blog post starts with “share your story here” … which is sort of funny because to me. Isn’t that what I’m doing every time? Maybe not a story but my inside thoughts. ? I have an app that sends me little reminders through the day. And it’s scary how much of the time it hits home. Like almost eerie with how close it comes. Today as I was driving to work. The message was:

Wake up!! You have been assigned this mountain to show OTHERS it can be MOVED!!!!

Let me tell you something. A year ago – sharing my rambling thoughts on my faith & family and how that all goes down would not of been happening. I constantly felt “judged” after I did my fitness competition. That people only saw the red and tan no longer seeing the person that busted her butt for nearly 2 years after having a baby. Those are such little things now. I’ve overcome bigger and better things; which made me think more on the daily mountains we move.

Mountains can be big and small – wide and narrow. They can have ice and snow on one side and rocky paths on the other. Just like in our day to Day life. No one day is the same and if it is. You’re severally OCD and not living anyways.

I’ve been struggling personally for the better part of the last few months. Trying to figure out where I stand in life. Taking huge leaps in faith and letting God just work through me. Between running Shiloh, being a good mom & wife. To figuring out my career path and writing. One minute I feel God is applauding me and opening doors and the next I let the devil take hold; putting fear and doubt in my mind. How often do we do that?? My mind is my worst enemy. I get caught up in the negative thoughts the Devil puts there. I cry. I get anxious. I have FEAR in the door that God opens.

I stepped out on that faith Monday. I even talked about stepping out in that faith. I’m moving MY OWN mountain. I’m forcing myself to stop the negative down talk I do in side my own head. Instead pulling my Bible out and finding verses that will MOVE THESE MOUNTAINS in front of me. I have some pretty darn amazing friends that I may rarely see on a weekly heck monthly basis but when I reached out about said fears. It was easy to see I’m not being selfish in them. I have so much to say and give today… so if you’re continuing to read this THANK YOU! And I hope it some how blessed you in some way.

Mountains suck. They can be sickness. It can be addiction. It can be a rough patch in a marriage. It could be a job that you’ve come to just be “run of the mill” and it be a day-n-day out activity. It can be a project not going the way you want. A kid that sudden goes from being perfect to a down right brat. It reminds me of the song we sing as children going around a mountain. Can’t go through it. Can’t go under it. Can’t go around it. You have to GO over it. And let me tell you. What better feeling is it when you get to the peak of it????? Isn’t that where God is? At the top? I mean we sing the song “Go tell it in the Mountains- that Jesus Christ is Born” … I saw this photo of a beautiful mountain background and two horses in it. I instantly messaged Maria asking if I could steal it for today’s post. It’s very fitting for the mind frame I’m in today.

Remember for every mountain something “Good” is coming your way. Good news. Good times. Good health but mostly Gods blessings! You are so deeply loved & cherished. God has many mountains for us. We have to learn how to climb them and not let them build fear into us. Many times we may even have to decline the mountain a couple of times before we see the other side.

Scriptures to study:

  1. Matthew 17:20

  2. Proverbs 9:10

  3. Hebrews 6:15

  4. Mark 11:22

  5. Luke 1:37

  6. Matthew 21:22

  7. Jeremiah 29:13

  8. Ephesians 2:8

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