Chronicles of a Farmers Wife --- MERRY Christmas!!!

All through the house not a sound was heard... haha well that's certainly true besides the two mini Aussies roughing around in my living room & I am praying they best stay out from under the tree.. AGAIN.

But as I soak up the quietness before I head down to the barn and start choring because even on Christmas the Livestock get taken care of first. It's how I was raised.... growing up I knew this is what I wanted. First morning light to check cattle with - the ponies are a very added bonus and I am thankful for. Dad and Grandpa would always be out the door to check them before us kids even made it down to see if Santa had came. Momma would hold us over with homemade waffles and try to contain us from digging in. Those memories are ingrained - they are what made me.. ME. It's also why now I can't sleep past five am.. even on Christmas morning when there's no rush to get going - no alarm clock to answer too. It's natural. Farming comes from the soul.. and for that I am so blessed to be a part of the Agriculture world. Now I am totally off topic!

We just want to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas from the Farm to your Family.

Enjoy the extra cookies, the snuggles, the annoying toys that makes noises, sit back - relax - because one day ... it won't always be so crazy busy. And you will wish it was.

I am signing off --- I have a stock pile of notes that I need to add to the Blog ... but I think I'll take my own advice this morning.. and just simply enjoy God's plan and maybe even a Hallmark movie after I get back from choring.


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