Chronicles of a Farmers Wife.. Love Never Gives Up

I was faced with a “quit” or “try harder” situation yesterday. It’s easier to say “I give up” vs praying for Guidance & understanding. Mine is nothing life threatening. But its not going to be easy and it will be probably one of the more challenging things I do. It will take a ton of effort and time and patience but mostly hard work and practice on my end.

I set some lofty goals for myself this year. And so far I feel like I’m failing all of them. I find myself giving up all to easily. And that’s the Devil coming in – getting into my head. I am enough. I am good enough. And I will conquer the mountains ahead of me. But it won’t be easy. Nothing you want ever is. And if you find it being easy well then you better look hard at it & make sure you’re on the right path.

Love takes work every single day – weather it be the love between spouses or for your children – loving what you do each day & being passionate about your hobbies. Love isn’t something you turn off one day like your morning alarm. You let love walk away. You stop caring & in turn everything you do comes back as a bad taste in your mouth. You let negative energy around you seep in to you where then only hate resides. So how do we protect that love & passion?

You find yourself a book – doesn’t have to be New. It can be borrowed old & tattered. It’s called the Bible. You rebuke the Devil calling you to side. You find yourself a good set of friends to help keep you grounded with a force to be recognized. Who will stand up for you but also be not afraid to put you in your place. Then you write down what’s important to you & what you love the most. What’s your passions? What keeps you going? You work on being that positive light.

“love never fails” 1st Corinthians 13 ~ God is saying to us that everything will work out. He’s in complete control only if we trust in Him. He knows what we need & when we need it. We just only have to trust His path. He knows our fears & dreams better than we do. We only have to listen. He will not fail us.

So with the warm sunshine on my face. I will set out and conquer the day. I will love & be thankful. I will continue to share the ramblings in my head with you. I pray that my words touch you & give you guidance in some form.

kW 🖋.

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