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Jesus is Callin – Are you sendin him to Voicemail?

Have you ever felt so passionate about something but didn’t understand why or the reasoning behind that gut – heartfelt reasoning? Questioning your “conscious “? Ever stepped out of church on Sunday and felt a weight lifted? Got down on your knees and cried with God beside you? That is Jesus calling- he is here knocking on the door and you’re ignoring it if you don’t listen fully. Do you have a gut feeling about some one but walk on by because you don’t understand their needs or their situations – that’s what I’m having right now.

For some reason Jesus is calling me to share my life with you so please just bare with it as I roll with the Lord & Holy Spirit speaking out – today’s topic is are you listening are you ignoring?

Each of us has a calling – sometimes we have several of them. I know that in February when Roxanne Potter was here (I am going to put her information down at the bottom because she’s got a couple great books and a good message) she told me I had to just open my heart a little more. And now it’s been almost a year later and I’m just now really listening. she’s been to church in our community twice now and it’s just been a whole new experience having her come to Perry. While there she talked about Jesus knocking. How many times will God have to say “hey I want you to do this – stop doing that”. Thankfully we are blessed because Jesus gave his life for us; where God continually forgives us but does it get to the point where He says maybe I should send somebody else in. Honestly & to be truthful I’m done ignoring my God. I am not an overly public person – I stick to my closest friends. I complain to them; I bragged to them; I help them and they help me.

But for reasons I don’t understand Jesus has this thing going on inside of me – that I am more- letting that fire feed me. I am able to do more for more people somehow – and is this how it is. I’m not sure maybe point me in a different direction but this is what this is how it’s going out because i start my blogs with my mind and then I end up with a complete feeling like I have a completely different message because God is working through those words. I literally just pour out whatever is on my heart and I know that’s him working out through the words on this page. It’s up to you; do you feel that way or do you just continue on through day ignoring the message?

Knowing God’s Will

  1. “Stand at the crossroads and look; ask for the ancient paths, ask where good way is, and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls.” Jeremiah 6:16

  2. “You have been set apart & Chosen for His Purpose” – Deuteronomy 14-2

Appreciate your calling & Gods will. Lean unto Him and learn to appreciate the call of God on your life. He has a different call for each of us. Just as no two souls are alike; none of us are called to do all the work – but do not feel burdened by His calling. Embrace and enjoy your calling that He’s giving us. Moses reminds me of this most – Exodus 3:11 – he provided the obedience. Gods calling on our life has nothing to actually do with us but those that we affect and touch from our calling. It is up to us to stop sending God to Voicemail. Learn to embrace those callings. Let the light shine before others – that they may see your good deeds (Matthew 5:16).

I challenge you this weekend to open your hearts up & pray. Listen for your calling and Gods message. Share that with someone. Change someone else’s life not because it betters your own today – but because it betters them solely for the purpose that God asked it of you.

Roxanne Potter Ministries 💕

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