Chronicles of a Farmers Wife … is it Hay season yet?!

Let me be the first to tell you – come October I’m as burnt out on hay as it comes. I’m done with the late nights and not seeing farmer boy all that often. I’m over having random meals at whatever timeframe it fits. I’m done going from dress clothes to sweating my booty off trying to fill the slack at 7pm trying beat the rain storms coming in.

But right now as we’ve had the longest winter that I can remember in forever. I’m READY for Hay Season. I’m ready to smell fresh cut grass. I’m ready to be bouncing in the tractor praying I don’t slug the baler and break a bolt and have to therefor call Jason. And I’m not the only one counting down the days. Keaton is too! Typically most kids are counting down the last few weeks of school for summer break. Not our farm kid. He’s ticking down the days to being able to run the fields with Jason. He’s spent countless hours the last few months helping get farm equipment ready. He’ll be the first to tell you how it’s gunna go – and has no problem telling you what it is we do. That boy is a mini Jason after his own mommas heart. And that’s hard!!

He looks like me. Walks and talks and struts his self just like Jason does – wearing jeans & boots no matter what the temperatures are. Doesn’t have a problem playing in dirt to keep busy and getting covered in grease and just as dirty as Jason gets after being in the shop. It’s made me even more aware of how much times have changed since I was his age. No longer are the days where we could safely turn out our children to the street to play with the neighbors kids and turn a porch light on signaling it was time to come home for dinner. It’s been replaced with iPads and iPhones – Facebook and SnapChat stories.

I’m looking forward to hay season for so many reasons. Keaton is growing up and before long it won’t be me running that baler- it’ll be him. Growing up on a farm teaches so many things. Responsibilities- Respect – learning – it teaches us how to be grateful and know heartache when you’re favorite animal must be sold or passes away. Farming is a full time life style. Being raised a farm kid was TOUGH growing up – but now as I look back. It’s a privilege. It’s hard. But in the end. It’s so worth it.

Growing up we might not of had much & it showed in the dirt patches of the yard. But let me tell you my father who farmed along side his own dad and grandfather instilled that same passion and the hard work it takes to succeed!

I’m proud to be a Farmers Wife – it’s not easy. And not every one is cut out for the roll that’s for sure! Thankful God put me down this path to my farmer boy – We are Wieczorek Farms!

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