Chronicles of a Farmers Wife … is anyone listening?!?

Funny how many times I say this out loud during the day “why isn’t anyone listening to me?!?!” – the kids have to be told numerous times and by the time Jason actually does pay attention I’m already doing what ever it is I asked him to do in the first place. But laying awake at 2:00 after worrying about if he’d get up this morning. I got to think. Am I really listening to God either. I get on to the kiddos and husband easily enough for ignoring me and not listening. But am I doing the EXACT same thing to God’s calling for me?!?!

Most often those “talks” with God happen in the middle of the night. Yes I’m tired. But He has a plan. And maybe the only I do listen is during the sleeping hours of my household. And He knows this. It made me really stop and think. So often we “listen” to others to understand them or let them vent to us but always to reply. Are we actually helping that person? Or are we just replying because that’s become our natural response. God doesn’t want a reply. He wants our attention to what He’s saying. He wants us to listen up and go out and do what he’s asking. Not a lecture from us in the meantime.

Those nudges aren’t happening so we can ignore Him – they are a reminder of what God is asking of us. His way of politely saying “Hey wake up down there. I’m talking to YOU! Why aren’t you listening?!” I urge you to really start listening to those Nudges. What do you believe in? What simply amazes you? What is your natural gift? Hiding away hoping someone notices your talents is only self-sabotage.

When you take time with God and listen to His Voice; He renews your strength & enables you to handle life. Because in the end. This is only a passing time before we have entered His Holy Gates.

I pray that you start opening your heart as you’ve opened your mind to my little blogs … I pray you get something from my rambles & I pray you have a blessed day with open eyes & listening ears – Amen!


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