Chronicles of a Farmers Wife … God’s Un-Answered Prayers

Every felt like He just wasn’t listening. You’re praying. You’re trying to do your best. But things just aren’t falling into place it seems? There is a Garth Brooks song that has always been one of my favorites growing up. Hits home a lot more now that I’m older called UnAnswered Prayers. And that’s exactly what it some of our “wants” turn out to be. God’s path has something better in store for us. Even if we don’t believe so. I used to misread the signs God was putting right into my face – almost smacking me. Saying wake up. But I kept on praying for the wrong things. Sometimes still do.

God’s listening. He’s not ignoring you. It’s just your path is off from his. Do you feel that tug in your chest. Or the second / third thought that maybe it’s not “perfect”. That’s God’s way of saying to us “stop” – step back. And realign yourself.

I used to pray for something I didn’t really understand. It was a long time ago. It wasn’t healthy. But it was something I thought I needed. funny thing is. When I let it go. I felt 100% better. And now. I don’t look back and say “what if God”. Because God had plans for that part of history too. He gave me something better! More lasting. More meaningful.

The same thing has happened over the course of four weeks with my career. I received a call yesterday that changed not just my outlook. But hit home for numerous reasons. I didn’t get the “office” I had applied for – it wasn’t God’s fit there – I received something BIGGER/Better. Because when I make that change it’ll be the best fit for my family.

God works like that. I could of been crushed and mad and downright depressed yesterday. It was a LOT of hard work and stress and tons of patience this past month. But I wasn’t letting anyone steal the joy from behind the little words that said “Be patient while we figure the logistics out – you’re gunna be great!” My timing is coming. I just have to keep faith.

I feel like so often that people (myself included) don’t get what they want right now and they tend to feed off that for weeks if not months & years. But Christ wants us to put our faith into Him not the doubt the Devil feeds us.

“Some of Gods greatest gifts are unanswered prayers”- Garth Brooks — Daniel 3:18 is a good study. Where recognizing that even through struggle and unanswered prayers – He never leaves or forsakes us. He is still Good.

Remember it took 13 years for the Lord to fulfill his promises to Joseph. In those thirteen years of waiting Joseph experienced abandonment, betrayal, false accusations, forgotten promises, separation from loved ones, and imprisonment. But he also gained strength of character, integrity, perseverance, humility, hope, and restoration. . Don’t doubt for a moment that in the waiting season that God has forgotten you. His timing is perfect. And just like in Joseph’s life- He is using this time to restore, heal, and strengthen your character. Trust Him in the waiting. Know he is for you! Know that he is full of love for you even through times of trial.

Study Scripture

  1. Psalm 105:19

  2. Daniel 3:18

  3. James 1:12

  4. John 13:7

  5. Matthew 26:39

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