Chronicles of a Farmers Wife … Galloping in Faith 🏇🏼

Galloping in Faith

The funny thing about horses is there’s many different kinds, sizes. Shapes, colors, breeds not to mention gaits. Our faith has the same outlook. It’s not one size fits all. God made you special for a reason. He dug you out of clay and began molding you before you even arrived. Then continues to shape and mold the clay

Just like in growing our faith. It may feel like it just happened over night but God is working … so hard. And often times. Just for us to throw a fit and refuse His help. Throwing a tantrum just like my toddler would at being told “no”. Or my colt that won’t listen and I lose my patience with. Sometimes it’s walking away and cooling off. And then coming back with an open mindset.

Here lately my faith has been tested. God is pushing me out of my comfort zone. Opening doors to share my story with others. I was telling someone jus this morning I have this feeling this tug to share through Equine. I just know I have this Equine Calling spirit lead “something” that God is doing … writing my ramblings. Sharing my story of life… my joys – the heart break. The depression & anxiety. It’s all out there .. if I can change jsut one persons life… God is alive. And He uses us to work down here.

Horses can pick up on our tensions. Lord knows my colt does for sure. The more upset and annoyed I get with whatever it is I’m trying to do. The worse he behaves. He has no idea how to comfort me yet. He’s two. But when we’re working together and we’re in sync. It’s a magic to behold. Unfortunately unless I happen to video that. Our progress is usually overlooked because I allow my stress and anxiety of outside forces to play a part.

Trusting in our faith is just as much trusting in a 1200# animal with four hooves and a mind of its own. It’s a bond and something that takes time to develop. It’s flying across fields at neck breaking speeds and trusting the animal between your legs to carry you to the end. Horses give us borrowed wings to soar. Just as God will carry us through the tough times of life. It’s building that faith and carrying it even when you’re scared to death. Faith is riding fearless & giving it your all.

Being faith filled can be hard. In today’s society if you bow your head before you eat in a restaurant you chance someone making a big order deal & it can spread like wild fire either good or bad… where it can be praised in one photo but turned into a meme in the next 10 seconds. Where going to weeknight study and Church on Sunday is a “struggle”. What used to seem like such a little thing has become huge in our family. It’s not just routine. By Midweek my mind needs the refuel it gets at study. And to sit in church on Sunday isn’t a chore or something I just show up too. Does help we have comfy seats and not wooden pews. But the messages I take home from it. Is often times what fuels my words you read later on.

The Lord stated this fire inside of me. He’s using my ponies to teach. To heal. To bring hope & lessons not just to me. But others as well. Self reflection is huge for me right now… and without the horses I know for sure I wouldn’t be writing like I do. They are entrance to so many great things. The alley at barrel races – open conversations in the friendships I’m making… the little girl who comes when her momma can bring her to love on them because she can’t have them at home. The hopes and dreams of a little girl 20 years ago … I am now sharing back & for that I am grateful. For I prayed for this many years ago…..

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