Chronicles of a Farmers Wife … finding balance

Happy Monday! I’m one of those weird ones who actually enjoys starting a Monday (typically). For me it’s a fresh week. I can change things I didn’t like about the previous week – during the summer months it’s going back to my office job and taking a break from running the baler and helping Jason in the fields. Not that I don’t love farming but everyone needs a break and for me that’s the office.

I’ve had many ask when I’ll compete again. Why am I not working out so hard? Why did I do it in the first place if I was only going to do one. Honestly I have no clue. Yes I LOVED it. For the first in years I felt good. I was consistent. I was fit & thin & I worked hard for it. But the harder I worked I didn’t realize how much I was pushing my family and friends and mostly my marriage out of the picture.

What started out as a way to lose the baby weight, have an end goal and mostly a confidence booster also turned into a period where Jason and I wasn’t on the same level. Never once did he flat out say he hated it. He kept trying to feed me hostess cupcakes yes. But he helped me stay focused for the most part. He’d stay in with the kids so I could go run my 5 miles with the sun up outside. He’d watch while others picked fun at me for bringing my gallon of water and prepped foods to family dinners. He stayed behind in April to take care of the kids and farm while he sent me in good hands with Marilyn.

He kept cheering me on even when he hated every bit of it. That’s what makes a marriage. You have to be a team. Does that mean my team is always winning. Heck no. But that doesn’t mean we don’t practice on it. It’s taken me a full year to see things through his eyes. To realize that while I was getting thin and fit and finding myself. Others were also seeing that & not just Jason. If you read my post from the other day talking about “posting” to social media this is where a lot comes into play. It’s why my IG went from gym selfies to the kids, ponies & back to the basics of life.

I still love to workout. I just do it at home and on my time. I still work with a coach. He still helps me figure out macros and workouts. But I’m not checking in with him daily. I’m not sending “progress” pictures weekly. I’m not putting myself on display. And that honestly is what some of the fitness people on IG have become. I’m not on display for anyone but God and my husband.

My father n law made a comment a few weeks back that made me think – you went from drinking to being Holy. Not sure that’s a valid statement since I still cuss a little too much and I’m not perfect by any means necessary. But what I learned in the past 18 months is that there are bigger things out there than just having a ripped body. I don’t drink anymore because it’s not fun for me. I’m closing in on my 30s and what was fun in Jack Daniels years ago is no longer who I am today. I’ll have a glass every now and then but it’s rare and far in between. Does that mean I can’t stand being around others who drink. Heck no. My husband goes every Friday night out with the rest of the local farmers and can easily have a 6 pack or nothing at all. It’s all about finding balance.

I woke up with sore legs today which is really how this post started. I rode last weekend; where I was able to really breeze Queen out. This weekend I got to have a Lena Lesson & then drug Leo around with Queen. It made me realize how out of shape I really am. I’ve become “fluffy” this winter. My Nutrishop gang are gearing up for their NPC show in March and I plan on being there to cheer them on. I love fitness but I also love a good cookie here and there too.

✝️Today’s Scripture comes from 1 Corinthians 13: 8-13 and is a good closer for today’s rambling thoughts. Love Never Fails. But it is not easy either. Just like balance. I hope you have a blessed week!

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