Chronicles of a Farmers Wife … Faith > Fear

Someone told me that God was “so pleased with me”? But how can that be? When I’m not pleased with myself? How is it that He can look past the imperfect me but I can’t? How often do we hear ourselves say “it’s me. Not you” in a relationship – so we walk away. How can we love someone else when we can’t love ourselves? God does … every single day. Just like our own parents – our Father in Heaven loved us before we were created. He had a great plan and calling all laid out. But so often – and I’m just as guilty…. I stray off that path. Trying to forge my own. And that is exactly when things tend to blow up in my face. Literally on occasion.

How do we learn to let go and have unseeing faith? How is that when someone is sick that’s when we bring out our prayers? Why are we not praying every day. I’d like to say I do. But I know that would be a lie. A few weeks ago I heard someone mention that if you kept praying on the same thing or people it was like doubting Gods promise. Took me til sitting down this AM for some morning stretch-yoga and my own word with God on my fears and worries and excitement for this upcoming weekend to a much needed Barrel Clinic 3 hours away. That if we kept praying and praying and praying for the same person/thing & not sayin “Here God – JUST TAKE IT”. But growing up we’re taught to pray & pray. Recently I posted on FB that

“You can’t turn a pear 🍐 tree into and Apple 🍎 Tree NO MATTER how much PRAYING 🙏🏼 you are doing” and like most things on FB. It brought on some discussion. You can pray and pray for someone’s heart and soul to change. You can pray for understanding and asking God for help to serve Him with these. But UNTIL they open their own eyes & heart to the Lord. You’re wasting that time. Pray. Give it to God to handle and walk away. And you know what. I DID just that. I prayed one last time. And I knew in my heart. It was no longer mine to carry. Doesn’t mean I don’t still add them in to my thoughts but no longer are they going to consume my prayer list. There’s more important ones that need on there.

So how do we look past what’s in the mirror? It’s called rising up & standing our ground in Faith. It’s not letting the Devil come through and attack you. Because lord knows he was after me yesterday. God is doing AMAZING things in my life. And guess who was sitting on the other end of the dinner table – yep Satan. Trying to steal my Joy. And for a brief few hours. He did. It used to be months and weeks and then days.

Having faith is scary – it’s trusting in things your eyes can’t see and your fingers can’t necessarily touch on a daily basis. It’s something you’re whole body feels. But when fear grips you – or well for me. It’s a suffocating feeling. My anxiety gets so bad that it can literally make me sick – want to crawl out of my skin & into a dark spot. But what I’ve learned is letting God be the light the safe spot for me. Trusting in Him at all times. Praising Him for the lessons in life not turning my head up and cussing at him even when I do not understand the lesson.

When fear is on the verge of sucking you in grip that bible even harder. Turn the pages – slip into that safety net. And just Let GOD work. Have Faith. Fear is just letting the Devil try to steal your favorite chocolate & joy! You don’t share that with the kids. Why share it with Satan? Don’t let FEAR over take your day – fear arises when we think it’s all on US … it’s not. Let God handle it. Depend on God. Not yourself.

Scriptures to help combat Anxiety & Fear –

  1. Psalm 46:10

  2. Philippians 4:6-7

  3. Proverbs 3:5-6

  4. Luke 12:24-26

  5. Lamentations 3:51

  6. Exodus 14:14

  7. Hebrews 13:5-6

  8. Genesis 15:1

  9. 2 Kings 6:16-17

  10. Job 11:14-15

  11. Isiah 41:10

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