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Happy Mothers Day

Often times as mothers we tend to put ourselves last. Women in general just do that. Most often once you have a child are you aren’t thinking about yourself. Heaven knows in most marriages we tend to put ourselves last; our husbands come first – the kids come first and mostly work comes first. But then I ask what the Bible says. That we should put God first and then her husband and then everything else.

So why is it that society says make time for yourself – take time for yourself when the Bible says “Put God First” than your spouse and the kids and then everything else.. If we are letting him take care of everything else why are we trying to conquer the world him 24 hours?? I know I do! I try to fit as much as I possibly can in 24 hours. So much so that sometimes I neglect sleep, cooking, and most importantly my husband.

But as I dig deeper into my Bible studies I’ve come to learn that if I put God first and I trust in him that everything else will fall into place. so what there’s dishes in the sink my kids ate that day; so what there’s laundry in the washer machine two days later – it’s OK cause I know we have clothes to wear and I don’t have to worry about doing another load at 2 AM to make sure somebody has a pair socks because somebody can’t find his. As I sit here on Shiloh I come to reflect that my favorite part of the day is it 5 AM no matter where I’m at. Wither it be at home studying his word; 5 AM sunrises are my favorite especially during the summer when I can start a little earlier at 4:30.

As I rode more with Shiloh today I look out and see that I managed to tick off Queen bee off.. this used to be her time and it made me really think. Am I giving each kid equal parts of my time or am in favoriting one over the other. Definitely not intentionally. Keaton is almost 8, Jaelyn’s gonna be three and the older he gets he reminds me that mom’s not as much needed until about 8 o’clock at night and when he’s ready to go to bed. then it comes back out “mom I need you to hold me mom I need to lay next to me” and one of these days they’re not gonna be in my house. Lately as I reflect on my own relationship with my mother. There are some times we don’t speak not because we don’t love each other we just don’t always see eye to eye and it’s safer to not talk that day.

Funny thing is I couldn’t wait to get out of her house as a highschooler she was at school with majority of the time and then when we had Keaton I came on back home now we’re all in a 10 mile radius of each other and I still don’t see her anymore than I did when she was 35 minutes away but I know if I call she’s there putting me first like always. Just as moms do.

I think there’s a lot of funny things I found when writing this blog out. I didn’t know that I wanted to be like my mom. I’m so used to everyone telling me that I act like my dad, smile pretty much like my dad, so much so my nickname was Smiley just like him – I only wanted to be just like my dad and being a girl. I grew up with some limitations. It’s not so bad now now as it used to be considering I run my husband‘s tractors and equipment and anything else he tells me to do. but I’m more like my mom that I realized and I am I have a kind deep heart moment. I have sometimes I have no problem using a wooden spoon on somebody’s behind.

Just coming from the heart is hard. To be like God and keeping your heart just as open and loving as his heart. Just like to let your mother tell you what to do is even harder but without my mom I wouldn’t be the person I am today but I know for sure I wouldn’t be the mother I am almost positive of it. Sso how is that mothers do we stop and remember ourselves? Just like speaking from the heart is hard to like God in his heart to let your mother tell you what to do is even harder but without my mom I wouldn’t be the person; I know for a fact I wouldn’t be the mother I am without my own mom.

So how as mothers do we stop and remember ourselves? For me it’s the quiet moments before everyone’s up running around. It’s the simple reminders when one of them grabs my face and kisses me. It’s moments like today during church where Keaton held Jaelyn. Putting ourselves on the back burner isn’t recommended. Because if we put God first he puts us first.. give us those quiet and meaningful reminders. God will hold us at the end of the day when we’re too exhausted to finish the housework.

You’re not just a Mother ~ but one Gods greatest callings .

So wither you’re a young mom barely making it by, a mom helping raise your adult children, grandmas stepping in as mom again 35 years later, women awaiting to hold their own newborns, or the special ladies that are step moms….

Happy Mother’s Day!






PS ** Watch for the Proverbs 31 Blog later this week –

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