Chronicles of a Farmer’s Wife …. It’s been a while !!

So… this winter ❄️ has literally decided to take over spring 🌼 it seems like. God is giving us 40 days of broken rain & now adding in tornadoes too. Better get your faith up & your Noah’s boat skills ready. But in all reality with all this rain it’s really made me stop and appreciate all the blessings Gods doing for me and my family.

I’ve been gone wayyyy too long from the blog site. It’s not that I’m not writing. Because I still am. I just haven’t felt the burning desire to share that much as I had once before. It was almost like what I had thought or was feeling. Didn’t matter. My opinion had become obsolete.

Writing for me is an escape. It’s so much easier for me to lay words down (if in fact my fingers can keep up with how fast my own minds processing things). I can go back and re-edit as much as I want or need to. But words can’t be unspoken. Let me say that again. Words CANNOT be forgotten. Wither they are spoken in anger or in a cloud of love. They’re held on too. I know I do that. Holding on to what someone says does nothing for me besides bring me down. Doesn’t matter if their words hurt me. Or just flat out held me down. They are still words of “hurt”

So with that being said. The blog page is in attempt to jump over to being an actual website. Where comments can be sent – I can post what’s happening farm wise (hay and feed and pony business). I can integrate my Young Living Oils – I can add my book reviews and suggestions (who wouldn’t want to be part of a fun online BOOK club?!? 🤷🏻‍♀️ or is that just me?!) and you can get a first glance of the books I’m writing myself. Because some of you have been left hanging almost a whole year with a few I started last summer.

Working on condensing and staying consistent with posting things between here and the 3Hs page on Facebook. And who knows maybe we’ll create a YouTube Just for the heck of it 🤪

I’m excited to be back. So watch out for the new blogs to post. I’m working on subscribing/ subscription email settings too so you’ll never miss out on my rambling thoughts 💭

I’m headed out to walk & do chores! Come back later for more excitement to follow ❣️❣️

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