Cheers to 2021 ... are you ready?!

Here’s to the last day for 2020!

Are you ready for a fresh start? Maybe a “do over” year... or are you just as grateful this morning as I am to wake up knowing in our little world “it’s going to be okay”...

In our little rural community we’ve been blessed. Not too affected by the whole pandemic. We’ve come closer together as a whole. Backing others. Supporting local business. Thriving through this tough time.

We’re all ready for a fresh start tomorrow. No matter how hard it was yesterday... there’s a new Sunrise coming. A new day. Write down those goals. Even if they seem little. Keep pushing forward.

2021 is almost here. And I’m so excited for it. A whole new chapter on life. Lessons to be taught but so many to be learnt along that way.

I hadn’t even planned to really write anything today. But thanks to some of my viewers on YouTube. I’m hitting publish anyway. Find your niche. Find your calling. Gods opening those doors for us. To break the mold. And find our true self again.

What makes you happy?!

What makes you smile?!

What is calling to your heart this morning?!

For me ... it’s simple.

Raising the kids with Jason on this farm. Watching and tending to the cows and calves. Riding those fence lines - being thankful for the opportunities to be a FarmHER. I love this life. Even on the down days. This was what I was made for 💛

What is it that you was made to do?!?

“So God made a Farmer”




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