Checkin Cattle Cowgirl Style (vlog 38!)

There’s many times I get caught up in the crazy. From being momma to farm wife & his hired hand to maid & cook .. to now homeschooling too. Life gets hectic. At times it gets harder than we want - especially right now in the world. You have to at times say “wait” - and do something solely for yourself or you’re liable to break down. Yesterday I saddled up Shiloh for the first time in what feels like forever and headed over to check cattle; cowboy 🤠 style. We checked fence lines and walked through the cattle. It was nice. It was regenerative. It was purely selfish. But sometimes. It’s needed. It was what my soul and mental health needed. And I am thankful for that two hour stretch of time and nearly 8 miles in the saddle. While yes I’m sore today - I am feeling more myself and less anxious about the days ahead. We simply must pray & Give it to God. Hay Season is just around the corner and I know once that starts there won’t always be time for my “ favorite “ things like workin & ridin horses. So for today. I’m simply soaking up the energy and putting it towards things I’ve been puttin off the last week and half. Laundry & housework. Diffusers are going. Kids are fed & homework’s being accomplished. Jasons working at the Shop. And I’m just praising God with some worship music just tryin to be enough for the day 🎶 Thanks for ridin Along💛 kW

Vlog 38: CowgirlStyle

Vlog 38: Tag Along as I saddle up & head over to the Creek Farm to check cattle and fence lines! Sometimes we have to slow down and take the simple pleasure in the every day routine. Taking Shiloh (my Barrel / Runnin Mare) helped to relax and restore my crazy mind from the hectic few weeks of trying to do multiple jobs (homeschooling!!) Hit the Subscribe button to never miss out on the adventures! Daily Stories on Instagram & Facebook 💛 💜 💙 Visit the webpage for blogs, podcasts & so much more! 💚 Thanks for comin Along for the ride! kw

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