Change ... a Magic of New Adventures 💛

Change is never easy or fun.. and most times it not planned. 2020 speaks truth into this. But here’s the deal. Change is part of life. Change is always evolving- regardless if we like it or not.

Just as I am ready for the change in time (to fall back an hour).....because I am missin my morning sun ☀️ but feeling extremely thankful this morning .... because just two years ago - I’d of been getting my bags and whatnot put in the car for work. This post is a true from heart for me... and you can continue reading it on but just know ... it will get a little deep.


I get often asked. “Do you miss your “EASY” job?”

And some days those answers are “well yea. I had great bosses and coworkers - I had AC when it was 100 and humid outside, and when there was snow on the ground and it was 20 outside my boss kept the heat on plus let me have my own little heater... even if that meant he was half dying in his suit & tie.

To say I didn’t miss Jones would be a lie. I do and some days when it’s really hard working beside my husband I often times think “did I make the right decision?” - and it’s always. Yes. Yes we made the right choice for me to be home on the farm. Because even though my office family was amazing (both offices I worked for was to be honest!) it didn’t have my heart. And when you daily grind doesn’t have your heart and passion then it doesn’t hold the same affects. It slowly starts to suck you dry. Mentally I just wasn’t able to give the office more.

And while I wouldn’t say I’m a great “stay home

Mom” I’m pretty darn proud to say I bust my butt to be a great FARMHER right along side Jason.

My house still is a wreck because I’m rarely home to clean it. But it’s lived in. There’s clothes to be put away at any given time but they’re washed and they keep our family from mostly not running around naked - sorry for those folks who pick up Katie Palmer Eckler totes and might randomly see a naked leg or a child’s butt!

Big things are coming. I feel it down in my soul to toes. This country has so much negativity just ready to blow that it almost scares me. But I know where my leader is at the end of the night. When I pray for our families, our neighbors and the country.

God lead me to Jones in 2011 as a single - divorced 21 year old Mom ... and in 2019 it lead me back to the Farm. I rarely am a political person by any means. I chose to share #myfarmstory but have you done your research ?!? Do you honestly know where the United States is Headed if the President changes hands ?!?!

We are raising the next generation and that totally scares the crap out of me!!! If you happen to do a drive by the Farm - you’ll know where I stand. I’m proud to say I’m an American. I’m even prouder to say I’m a “First Generation FarmHER”. I’m excited to show you our way of life. Even in the struggles of it.

Last night I posted a simple 5 minute Gratitude video on the YouTube Channel ... announcing a few upcoming changes. And all of this More or less started here. Originally from the blog ... to adding a Facebook spot to tag line with my Instagram... to leading to a defined webpage and yes. The Channel too.

as many know I speak truly from the heart. What you see ... is the same girl you’d see if you stopped in. And I’m proud of that. I want to show you more and more of the happy moments to the struggles of farming. The good the bad. The sometimes scary parts to the beauty of it. Farming is HARD. One of the hardest things outside of marriage and raising a family I’ve ever done. But I am so very thankful and grateful and extremely blessed to call this my job. My lifestyle. My passion. It’s where all my hopes and dreams sit too.

thanks for sharing and being a part of that!

happy Monday folks - go out ... and conquer the day 💚

🎥YouTube Channel ...

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