Cast Iron Skillet Cheesy Chicken & Potatoes

Talk about delivering... after wondering just what the heck I was going to fix for dinner tonight. Anyone else strugglin with “fall” harvest meals... or like me?! Just don’t think about dinner til I walk in the door and the kids are “starving”.

Yep. Join the club. Mom is too kids!

I am in love with my new @pamperedchef 12” Cast Iron Skillet & it’s only been used ONCE. Aka. Tonight - but anywho.

Dinner was a score! 💯 GONE!

Recipe - well. Super duper easy & you can find it below ...

Recipe 🍴 for 4!

Skillet / Iron Skillet - heat on medium, add in desired Olive Oil or Butter (I used a tad of both!)

Chicken Tenders or Breasts Thin sliced - 4-10 pieces or enough to feed your crazies. I tossed with Italian Seasoning and browned on each side while dicing potatoes. I used 6 smaller sized 🥔.

Brown potatoes until desired “smooshed”. I like mine a little brown but soft - like right before you would “mash” them. Seasoned with Italian Seasoning.

Once potatoes and chicken are cooked, add in milk (1.5 cup roughly) a slab of butter, and colby Jack cheese to top - melt!

Keep from sticking to the bottom. You may need more milk if you want a “gravy” or less if you want more along the lines of “Mac & cheese”.

I made a side of corn!

Serve and enjoy 😉

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