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The joys of owning livestock & farming 101 - Lesson like 63911762890 ....

It never gets easy to have a bad day. Especially like the one I had Thursday. Some of y’all saw a clip of me getting knocked down by “Apple” Second time Heiferette 155 .... for the record. I’m “okay”. Bruised. Sore. And cranky with the whole situation.

BUT - and there’s always a BUT isn’t there. It’s a simple reminder in a lot of ways. To not take these large animals for granted. I was in her space. I was messing with her baby. And while at one point she was totally okay with it. The next. She had me four feet away and making it loud and clear. She was done with me in all aspects.

I half hearted told Jason. I wasn’t going to use the video clip. I wasn’t going to share this fluke of a day. But he reminded me... especially with the kids helping and now our Farm Intern Moe. That we need these reminders. We never want anyone hurt. We need to make sure we are making boundaries and raising the next generation to understand those boundaries are important. Not just in livestock. But in general. We all need boundaries - to say “enough is enough” at the moment. To step away.

Owning Livestock - you’re gonna have those fluke days. You’re gunna get hurt at some point. You’re going to lose a calf (which I may end up losing this little guy due to being premie & not quite right after we got him home to really look over).

It’s a reminder to never take life for granted. To live each day - to never leave without saying “I love you”.

This one has a lot of meaning in it. From reminding us to be safe in our field of work - to making sure we enjoy every single day. Doesn’t mean every second of that day but it’s not like we can go back in time and change the sad to good.

Am I bruised?! Yes. Am I pretty sore - absolutely ... but in the same time. I’m extremely thankful it wasn’t worse. It gave me a little different perspective when explaining things to the kids. About farm safety and practices. About telling them that sometimes they have to sit in the truck or on the other side of the fence line when Jason and I are working.

I still have mixed feelings about sharing it ... but I pride myself on sharing the good. The bad. And the not so much fun things. So I kept the clip in the next Vlog. I pray people see it as it is. A fluke. Not being ”stupid“ or looking for attention. I want it to be a reminder .. that anytime any thing could possibly happen -

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