Being Empowered... what empowers you?

happy Sunday!

Rejoice & Be Glad in It!!! 🤍

I’ve been a little MIA over the last week from the #marchfarmherchallenge ... but today is Pie Day ... which seems fitting right?!

“Feel Empowered” is today’s theme to share on ... I was racking my morning brain of what really makes me “fee empowering”... and I was coming up slightly empty handed. Because in all honesty here - I rarely have enough self confidence to do half the things I catch on camera. I’m just doing what needs done - if that makes sense?!

Most days around the farm - Jason sends me on my way & says “ you can do it” - even when I feel like “a complete train wreck waiting to happen”. But HE believes in me. Or he wouldn’t send me off in high dollar equipment - he needs the job done. And knows I’ll do it too because it’s Got to Get Done. Regardless of how much it makes me nervous- or I’m not as fast or as perfect as him. Heck he’s been doing it longer than me. He should have it down right?!

I think that’s what “empowered” me to even start this journey of sharing our farm story. It was HIM that keeps me “empowered to do it all”.

There’s days I get down right frustrated- because I’m doing more things than he ever had the hired hands do over the years. And I called him out on it the other night. I was sore. Tired and cranky. - his simple reply “but I trust YOU to get it done & I expect you to do it the way I know you can” ... those simple words could of been the most romantic thing he’s said in a long time.

It’s those little things that help to empower me to go to the next level in this farming world. In a “Mans Field” that isn’t so much just a man anymore but a partnership between a father/daughter - a mother/son or a husband/wife ... Farming is EMPOWERING!!!

Farming has become my biggest addiction yet / and most expensive next to owning a barrel horse I think.

When I want to toss the towel and say “I quit” he’s right there saying “you don’t got an option- let’s go”. If you’ve ever met Jas - you’ll know. He’s no slacker. If he even thinks you can do it - YOU’RE doing it. Because He believes in me.... so today ... My #empowering moment is coming from my best friend - my co partner - my farmer... and if thinks I can do it. Then so should I...

What will or WHO will help to inspire you today?

what will empower you? What will make your soul become ablaze for something? What will force you out of your comfort zones? Whats holding you back?

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