Don’t be a Bully ... Be a Heeler!

A little daily reminder .... in a world full of bulls be more like the Heelers.

“Words Kill, words give life, they’re either poison or fruit - YOU choose!” —Proverbs 18:21

This has laid on my heart all week ... and finally after having a deep discussion with Keaton about the sensitize topic at school the last few days I remembered having a photo of the Heelers and me.

It’s something I also needed to be reminded of this morning. Words can either make your day or tear it down so fast that it’s ruined the smile you once had. Words often times hurt more than the physical side. It’s why we have one mouth and two ears. Words can not be taken back no matter how much “I’m sorry” or “I’ll change” has been put forth.

Words echo through my mind sometimes years past. Good ones - reminders of friends and family to keep pushing through the hard days but others the negative ones. Often times reach out when I’m having a particular bad day.

words can be poison ... and when heard enough over years .. it becomes a reality. That you’re not “good enough”. You’re “stupid”. Even WHEN YOU ARE NOT!

Read that again folks ... YOU ARE ENOUGH. God says you ARE.

So the question is ... who’s enabling the lies?! who’s out to attack us?! yea .. the Devil. So when the lies come at you. Stand up and say “not today” because You are every bit of enough.

This is something I battle daily... am I enough? Am I good Enough? Have i done enough?! And the simple answer should always be “yes”... but it often times isn’t. Because the Devil will attack in the biggest way possible. He’s going to attack close to home. He’s going to get into some else’s head and play games and hurt you at the point where God isn’t. Because thats the name of his game. He uses others to do his dirty work. To make you not believe In your own capabilities.

Im a good mom - I’m a decent farm wife .. yes I may lack on my house keeping skills but my family is fed - they have clean clothes - they have a house to come home to and sleep in a bed (even if they choose to sleep .. say on a couch!)

Your home should be always the safest place to come too. Your children should be able to let down their guards and yea. Drive ya nuts. But if they feel safe. Then they’re liable to let go of all the crazy emotions that they have building up.

Bullying has been a topic with Keaton’s class this week. And something I’ve been really trying to hit home on as Well. Bulling is unacceptable in any form. Either it be with fists or hands. It’s NOT okay in any form. You can disagree but bullies aren’t acceptable. We don’t let the Cattle Bully us in the Herd. If they do. They almost always get shipped to greener pastures. Because we can’t afford to be or get hurt by a mad momma cow or bull.

So then why do we let Bullies Run over us in Life? Kill them with Kindness was what my own momma preached. But I’m going to go one step further in my parenting and say “PRAY” for them. Because I bet most bullies have something MORE going on than you realize.

Pray for their heart, their mind, their home.

Because the Devil will continue his attack on us until the Day we are Called the Lords Home. We have to be prepared. And ready to fight with the Lords Word.


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