Are you Happy ?

"Are you truly happy? Or maybe you're not happy because you're not living life the way that would bring you happiness.” .... like deep down happy? Every day?!

Let me be the first to tell ya. Happiness is what YOU make it. There’s a difference in being happy and having a crappy day that causes you to be a little frustrated ...

If you’re truly unhappy. Everything you do will have a negative tint to it. From work to home to family.

Why waste that not being happy ??

Why waste it on a job that’s sucking you down instead of pushing you up the ladder?

I used to think “having all the things” would make me “happy” but maybe it’s old age. Or growing more wisdom or maybe - maybe it’s just that I’ve found true happiness.... finally in life.

I started truly living in the moment. Making my dreams come true. SHARING those same dreams & goals with Jason. Figuring out that driving a tractor all day - working my butt off 12-16 hours a day ... watching life be born at 2am in the dead of night on the coldest day yet & knowing that calf was going to make it ... maybe it’s watching our kids prowl around & raise their own livestock.

Maybe it’s the fact I stopped trying to be something and someone that wasn’t making my soul happy.

It doesn’t have to be farming or agriculture. It can be becoming a Doctor - or a Lawyer - a hair dresser - a graphic designer ... even a stay home momma. But if you aren’t happy. Why are you doing it?!

here’s the deal ... I’m not going to lie to you ... Jason is why I laugh a little harder & cry less in life ... him pushing me out of my comfort zone the last year and half - to achieve our goals ... is why I smile a heck of a lot more lately.

our journey has Been a rough and tough one. It’s not been easy peasy on a yellow brick road ... it’s had its challenges. There was a time I was so unhappy I thought it was over ... mistakes made. Words said. Dreams dying out. For all the wrong reasons. Life happened. But it was because I wasn’t truly happy. I was living a life of fake smiles & false dreams.

chasin after something .. and someone ... I wasn’t meant to have or even be.

because I have a different path now .... each morning I wake up not with an alarm clock but with ambition to get things done. I wake up knowing I have found the right path. That I am exactly where I should be. That I am finally happy within the person im becoming. That im living my childhood dreams. And that Every sunrise is a new day & reminder of all things bright & sunny!




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