8.8.18 Chronicles of a Farmers Wife … are you lost?

Are you feeling lost? Are you feeling as if the world won’t slow down even though you can’t seem to find your own two feet? Did you lose the map “of life” and just continue to take random roads thinking it’ll get you back to the freeway & instead all it’s leading too are potholes and broken asphalt? Flat tires? Where eventually you find a dirt path (personally my favorites but bare with me here) and you literally have no where to go besides to turn around? Or maybe get out and walk? Are you to the point your cussing out everything in sight? You’re seeing all the negative in life? That you bypassed all the nature and wildflowers that were growing along the way because you was so caught up on your main goal? That is the road of life. And I’m caught somewhere with my hood up on some county line thousands of miles from “life”. Sitting in the dirt with tears down your face – no cell service and starting to panic. “Who’s going to help me now?” …..

It took me a little while or well mostly all summer to realize the path I’ve been running on may not be the Godly path I was praying for. It hit me like a ton of bricks yesterday. The devil can disguise something so good that you think it’s a gift from God. You pray on it. It’s something you’re wanting. And you go with it. I know I have been. I’ve been caught up in something that I seriously thought was “MADE FOR Me”. And it wasn’t. Which really sucks. Because I was all excited for a while and now it’s just a big stress ball in my gut. The “unknown” is something I struggle with. Not knowing the path I am to lead until I’m walking down it just like driving without a map moreless.

Life is full of different curves and hills and definitely mountains but it’s all how you look at it. I’m guilty. I see problems. But is that truly what they are? No. Problems lead to blessings. And when you start seeing the positive outcome and telling those problems “God Bless you” instead of letting them attack you. You’ll be better off…. I’ve let these problems continue to fester and infect me especially the last month or so. And I’ve had enough. I prayed. Gave it to God and not planning to let it get to me any longer. Those problems will have their own timing. God will handle them for me.

I hope what ever path you are on – that you got something from this pit stop along the way. I haven’t published much these days because I can’t seem to finish more than a few paragraphs. It wasn’t being led by God so it felt wrong. There was a new Song on the radio this morning called “Known”.. I urge you to go listen to it. It’ll be at the bottom of the page if I can figure out how to load it here. God works in ways we don’t understand. But the blessings we encounter will not be easy. I often think of Job. God let the Devil attack him. He just could not kill him. And every day Job came back and praised God. I have to be more like Job. Not letting the attacks ruin my day. My week and certainly not my month. God wants to see us happy and successful in life. But He also asks for faith and trusting of our life with Him. Don’t get so caught up in the winding hills that you forget the reason you’re on that road. Take time to smell the wild flowers. Enjoy the mountain side. Get out of the hustle and bustle of not only your day to Day life but your head.

Have a blessed day!

Known (YouTube link for the song! Go listen. 💕)

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