52 Week Bible Scripture for any 2021 Planners

Happy New Year... do you have your new 2021 Planners out?!

I saw this on multiple Facebook friend posts... asking for scripture to write in their personal planners for the year and I thought.. wow what better way to be able to do a study plus pray for a specific person each week..

So I posted to my social media pages along the way and gained a huge amount of scripture..

I complied those into weekly Blog Posts to schedule out on Monday of each week.. hit subscribe here to get those weekly emails ...

or you can click

52 Week Bible Planner Study
Download PDF • 6.95MB

to download the PDF document .. for the whole 52 weeks complied into one spot

Each scripture has been wrote out along with the person who suggested it or for you to write in a person to pray for that week if there wasn’t a submitted verse.

I absolutely loved doing this .. and if you liked it too make sure to share it on your own pages as well!

May God Keep you safe and healthy this 2021 year!

Kayla Wieczorek,

Founder & Voice of Chronicles of a Farmer's Wife

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