4.9.18 Chronicles of a Farmers Wife … and the continued Snow fall ❄️

It’s funny … how it’s four months into a new year and last night Mother Nature dumped snow on the Midwest again. I remember growing up getting inches or sometimes feet of the fluffy stuff and praying for a snow day at home. Which really meant that Lisa and I would beg and plead dad to get out the feeder lids and pull us around the farm until we was crying because one of us fell off and couldn’t feel our toes anymore. And now that it’s April I just want sunshine and heat as a parent of crazy wild kids and well to be honest as a Farmers wife with horses. I just want 75! Is that too much to ask for so that 1) I can actually use the arena again and 2) my husband can start cutting hay. But the more I start to think about things. Is this Mother’s Nature of reminding us that snow is seen as pure and magical? Have we lost sight of the Meaning behind it cursing it because we want things ?!

Isn’t God trying to remind us that he took our sins away – that he sent his only son to SAVE US? I know I’m a week late. Easter was technically last week. But doesn’t it fall a little truer this week? Are we not washing our sins away and Gods trying to prove a point? Mother Nature May be ticked off at us – and I may equally hate this weather. But man is it a reminder / slap into the face. That maybe I am not being thankful. Yes it’s cold. And not fun for riding horses and getting new ground ready for Hay season. I’m still blanketing my new mare that I so badly want to work outside with. But am I taking my own fleshy wants and desires before what the Lord has planned for me?

It’s so easy to get caught up in the negative of the world these days. Any time you turn on the tv – it’s a constant reminder of what our world stands in. Disarray. Destruction. Violence. Hate. Is all this snow a subtle reminder of our sins? Psalm 51:7 is a reminder “wash me and I shall be whiter than snow”. So maybe instead of cursing this snow fall dig a little deeper in to your own study – I know I am.

I pray that you all have a great week & until next time – have a blessed day!


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