3.28.18 Chronicles of a Farmers Wife … Chasin’ Rainbows

How often do we catch ourselves chasing a rainbow before the rain ever starts? How often do you sit and look out the window wondering “when will it stop Lord?” Funny thing is. Life is just like those Rain clouds. They’re Gods way of saying slow down and listen. I have a plan for you – but you’re going to have to wait for the storm to pass. In reality a storm can last all but 15 minutes of hauling wind, crazy lightning, barely any rain but a lot of loud thunder especially in the Mid West and some days it’ll rain all day long leaving flooded roads as it did this past week in our community. So much so that some of our ground was on our local news last night repairing the damage to a culvert and bridge.

It’s funny how chasing the rainbow can mean so many things. For me. It’s light at the end of the tunnel. Our sweet baby girl is a rainbow to our lives. If you think of a rainstorm as a trial and tribulations instead of a “pain”. Because Lord knows. I’ve been on the frustrated side of the puddles. I can’t ride my new pony anywhere except the barn. Which also happened to flood Monday. But that doesn’t mean I am not praising the Lord. The grass is greening up. Which makes my hay farmer husband extremely happy.

Blessings come after a trial of faith. Psalm 120:1 states “I took my troubles to the Lord; I Cried our to Him, and he answered my prayer” Earlier this week I reflected on some of my own blessings – because I found I’d been hindering my own prayers. I couldn’t blame anyone else. Lesson learned. And I am thankful for that. Doesn’t mean the Devil isn’t still trying to attack me- especially with the ones closest to me. But I have God on my side. I have Faith of a mustard seed- and I will prevail. It’s not about “showing” or even “proving” to others- but instead sharing MY FAITH with them. The lord does not make grass greener on the other side – you have to carefully tend to it and fertilize the crap out of it ( I would know.. Jason just did this not over 2 weeks ago – telling me I’d see the difference by the end of the month. **lack of faith there/I MUST trust Him)

I posted this photo to my own FB before getting ready for work… the more I thought on it & Prayed this morning .. the more my thoughts became His. And Now you’re reading them. Even though I should be getting myself together for work today. That’s the Lord working. He doesn’t care if I am late. He wants me to show up. And be ready for Him. Willing to bend and give and listen!! Are you listening? Or are saying “I don’t have time” every single day. Stop chasing that Rainbow. You aren’t a leprechaun 🍀 even if it is March. Your pot of gold will still be there. Today 4 years from now & into Heaven. Let those storm clouds surround you for the Lord promised you a rainbow at the end.

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