3.25.18 Chronicles of a Farmers Wife … God’s Open Doors 🚪

It’s simply amazes me that when I walk into my church family how no matter what Pastor Jason is delivering that day – it hits home some how – some way. Wether it be in the music or his actual message. It moves me. And some times knocks me plum to my knees. This past week God has been moving. And for once I just let Him work without shutting the door because of my uncertainties.

I have opened that Door. I have faith and fully trust Him in this path. It’s scary. It’s unknown. And it’s pushing me so far out of my comfort zone. And for whatever reason it may be. For once I am not shutting it down. I let Him work. I’ve been on the spectrum of being scared out of my mind that I almost shut that door before He even had it all the way open. When you follow His path. He rewards that. I have told everyone who’s asked this week how much He’s moving in my life. I told a random stranger today!

A few weeks back I realized I was hindering MY OWN prayers. I was pretty much shutting them down as I prayed. I was blocking out MY own good. This Calling that God is asking of me – has put me out there. Sharing my faith. The things that mean the most with you all who take time to read it. Typically I am one to not share with God is doing with my life.

This past week. I KNOW He’s moving. I know this because of something I said on Monday & an opportunity opened itself on Tuesday. I was hesitant and prayed Wednesday giving it back to the Lord. That lead me to Thursday and saying “yes Lord- I am Listening”. A dear friend sent a reminder of this when I asked her for additional advice and prayer …

Remember, refining fire is often scary as crap but that’s where faith meets Jesus. That’s where we absolutely have to trust Him when we jump.”

Revelation 3:8 is calling to me! Actually several have called to me this. I’ve prayed like I’ve never prayed before – for people & for forgiving them even when it seemed to burn me to do so. God forgives me. Why am I not forgiving them? As soon as I started to let things go. Really forgive and pray for those that “hurt” me. Things have changed. And for that I am so thankful! Because God is good All the time – and – All the Time God is Good.

I sincerely pray if you read this. You received something! Just as I have ♥️


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