3.22.18 Chronicles of a Farmers Wife … Wash’N Tools

It’s funny the things we take for granted until those said items aren’t working correctly. Like the washing machine. The dishwasher. Hot water. Our cars. The little things in our daily routine that can easily make our whole day crumble if they stop working.

Growing up the washing machine took the worst beating that I can ever remember. My mom would do my dads laundry completely separate – and I follow suit. I wash all of Farmers (including the Lil farmer boy) things together and typically have to run an empty cycle through so I don’t chance ruining my own dress clothes. But it’s the things I’ve come to find in the washer that’s made me stop and think this morning.

I’ve managed to find wrenches, pocket knives, tape measures, sockets, baling twine and my favorite… candy wrappers (insert ANNOYING groan here) but I also like it when I come across everyone’s lost money. I am quick to yell at both boys about taking care of said items. Because I’m afraid of tearing the machine up. But the more I stop and think about it today. Should I be yelling at them? Or myself? It’s my job to handle the laundry. Am I too busy making excuses of why I think it should be their responsibility?

Life works the same way. As you grow older you add more and more things to your “To Do” list. And at the end of the day. How many actually get crossed off?

  1. Work – how many things did you push off because there’s always “tomorrow”

  2. Laundry – wash dry it? But not fold it?

  3. Cooking & The Dishes – still sitting on the counter because something else came up?

The list can go on and on… and I am the worst of it. Because I want to do better. I want to set examples for my children as they grow. Am I letting life over run me? Am I just “getting through” the day to lay down and do exactly the same things again? Never getting caught up?

Is the real reason we aren’t getting caught up due to the lack of communication we have with God. In last nights study we talked about coming to Him first. Seeking Him first. I find myself saying smaller littler prayers through out the day depending on what it is that’s going on. Today I seeked Him first because well I was up at 4am. Seemed like a good time frame. Especially since I was already wide awake & ready to start my day. An hour earlier than planned – which lead me here to share with you today. I pray you got a little out of this. Opened your mind & not just your eyes to the words on your screen.

Communicating with God – did you pray today? Did you dig deeper into His word & understanding … it’s going to be a new routine. It will evolve over time. But you also have to be open for it. Letting Him in & work just as the washer has cycles and washing the dirt away the Lord washes our sins away. Every single time. Giving us a new day to come to Him. Clean & Fresh. Jus like washin’ the Farmers tools.

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