1.5.18 The Chronicles of a Farmers Wife … and the Winter Blues

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It’s winter time.. and up until the past few weeks I was blissfully happy with December’s forecast. I was still able to ride & work my horses in a hoodie for Pete sakes!!! . And then bam. Mother Nature struck and she left a very Elsa winter here in central MO. Where temps barely hit the mid teens & 20s during the day with windchills making it feel -5 half the time. Which sure wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t have to ya know get out in the cold! But chores MUST happen as well as going to work at the office.

As a Farmers daughter I watched each day my dad dress in bundles and go out checking our livestock, chopping frozen water – giving feed & making sure there was plenty of hay. Now as a Farmers wife .. not so thrilled about those daily chores in negative weather. But my horses and the calves need fed. I am thankful for Farmer Boy who helps me give water and swap my buckets out making sure my Mares (who are blanketed & stalled) have water and aren’t just frozen buckets of ice.

So with winter it also comes short days not much sunlight, and lots of holiday parties. Aka FOOD!!! The holidays are suppose to be fun & happy & memories. But it also increases depression, bad eating habits, and down right “No motivations”. And I’m starting to feel those especially since I can’t get into the barn.

So how do we combat the Blues? Honestly it depends on the person. What keeps me going isn’t necessarily going to help but could easily hurt another. Between diffusing my EOs, still going to do my own chores even if it’s only 20 minutes of being in the barn, getting active (be creative!!!) snuggle with your significant other or pet because those give off good endorphins! Don’t just get into the habit of eating cartons of Ben & Jerry’s and binging on Netflix or going out to get drunk.

Depression is something that has been a part of my life for several years. I suffered it through High School and into adulthood. Then with each Pregnancy & miscarriages my Post-Partum was even worse. Finding what makes you happy deep down will help to fight that. It’s not eating tons of food nor is starving yourself heck it’s not even spending money on fancy boots… it’s finding a fire inside of you and a purpose. My purpose was my kiddos and husband. But it’s also about making yourself happy too. This post is sort of getting off topic but as I continue to write more things come to mind so don’t worry. This will just open new posts up!!!! (ps this is where you could leave comments on what you’d like to read or see here 😉)

So here’s MY little

5 point Winter Depression Plan

  1. Schedule FUN activities ~ sledding, seeing the Christmas Lights, Caroling in the neighborhood

  2. Nutrition ~ nothing wrong enjoying yummy winter foods but make sure you’re not over eating them = good nutrition fuels a healthy body.

  3. Take vitamins (D!! And of course C!) ~ since sunlight isn’t always available your body doesn’t store vD

  4. Exercise outdoors when possible ~ split wood, take your dog for a walk, enjoy the sights and smells of the holiday seasons

  5. Learn something new! Find a new hobby that can keep both your mind & body busy. One year I picked up knitting.

And diffuse!!! Without my oils each day that I roll on & diffuse I would be lost. You can go check out Young Living Essential Oils for more information on oils! A quick & easy favorite Diffuser Blend of mine is:

I hope you was able to gain a little bit in that & reminder than spring is just around the corner!!!! Then we’ll be complaining that it’s 100 and I’ll be whining about Hay Season!

kW 🖋

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