1.4.18 Chronicles of a Farmers Wife … the meaning of Love in a Marriage

There comes a point as being a Farmers daughter growing up you dream of that farm boy who shares that passion… Little did I know that God would indeed show me the way to that farmer boy except instead of having herds of black Angus cattle & row crops with spring planting & Red combine date nights in the fall.. God gave me a Hay Farmer. And not just a small time hobby hay farmer. He gave me the real deal. One that watches the weather times about 5 apps along with the news and whatever it is he does to know the next rain day cycle. One that also expects me to work just as hard and be ready when he calls to help him no matter where or what I am doing.

As I worked on writing this this morning he’s already gone outside to haul off 420 squares that him and Keaton loaded yesterday. And if I thought Jason loved hay. I was wrong because Keaton I think loves it more. I found out last night at Study just how much “momma didn’t know”. From helping load it to spreading fertilizer to helping bale it. The boy is following in his step-dads footsteps to a T right down to his passion of riding & roping.

It’s funny the things we take for granted after so long. And in a marriage that is something often abused. It’s not that we don’t love our spouses – we still cook their favorite foods, do their laundry covered in who knows what kind of oil, grease mixture- .. but do we have that same “New love” feeling. I’ve found myself in that frame of mine. “I love you but I’m not in love with you”. Relationships to hit those 50 year marks and more take so much work. And it does not help in today’s world of having everything at our finger tips. Snapchat – FaceBook – FaceTime. They’re so abused. Don’t get me wrong. I use them all. But my best friends form HS. They don’t use Snap. They don’t have Instagram nor do they FaceTime each other. I find myself often jealous of their marriage. Of course I know – no marriage is absolutely perfect & they have their trouble points too. But I find myself envious of their open love. They still act like they did when they first started dating almost 10 years ago.. they keep it simple. They eat together each night. They don’t spend their nights sitting on their phones. I know this because they never answer me lol.

It’s not about “if you do this for me; I’ll do this for you”. It’s about doing something for them because you love them. You are their partner in all aspects. And when one can’t give the 100% you tackle you’re own 100% and whatever they’re missing. That takes time and effort to get to that point. Doesn’t mean you allow that person to bully you into things either. There’s a fine line. And once crossed it takes several bridges to get back over.

Find the love with your other half that you had when they first started coming around. The secret smiles, the holding hands, the random acts of kindness. I challenge you to 30 days of putting them at the top of your list each day. Even if it’s a smile emoji in a text. Letting them know they was what came to mind.

Have a blessed Thursday!

kW 🖋

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