Runnin' Tractors on a whole lot of Faith!

I might not always make church.. and lets be honest .. you don't necessarily need to sit in a church pew every week to know God's word. 

Our children have been enrolled and continue their education with our local Christian Acedamy and for that I am forever Grateful... 

PCA led us to our Church Family, Living Waters Minestries in Perry, MO.

My faith has me constantly stepping out side of my shelters safety boxes.  Never in a million years did I think I would be sitting here for you to be reading about my day in and day out lifestyle.. Nor did I honestly think I would be a stay home Farm Wife.. but here I am... welcome to the Faith corner of the Farm.. 

Here you will be able to catch up with My Personal Devotionals and Walk with Christ. You don't have to agree with my preferences... but I do pray you take something away from my every ending rambles!  

Because with out God and a whole lot of prayer .. I would not be here typing this out for you! 

Have a Blessed day ..

 ~The HayGirl